Be part of the solution and join the Tahoe Blue Crew program and take action to remove litter from your Lake Tahoe community! Pledge to adopt an area in Tahoe/Truckee and clean it at least three times per year. The League provides training, equipment and support.

Do you have a special talent or business that you would like to donate your time or resources to help promote or advocate for safe, friendly, accessible biking? Examples include, photography, graphic design, printing, and delivering maps.

In an effort to involve all of our interested volunteers and provide opportunity to be a part of our mission we are developing multiple programs where you can help us Clean Up The Lake

To increase the impact of litter removal we categorize and collect data on every single piece of litter that we remove from the lake.

Volunteers of all ages and skill levels are invited to these fun, hands-on restoration days. By pitching in, you are improving the watershed habitats that surround Lake Tahoe. Healthy forests act as natural pollution filters to Keep Tahoe Blue.

Not only responsible for combating the effects of day-to-day use but these volunteers help us respond to events such as heavy rain or wind that continues to make a significant impact on the trail annually. This is a vast undertaking that can only succeed with the dedication of our committed volunteers.

Volunteer guides share their knowledge and passion for the trail with new and beginning trail users almost year-round. Our team of experienced Trail Guides lead everything from snowshoe treks, to short day hikes, to overnight backpacking courses, and even more extensive thru hikes of the entire Tahoe Rim Trail. Volunteer guides are trained on guiding…

Your group will learn new skills, meet new people, and give back to your community. We have projects for volunteers of all ages, skills, strengths, and capabilities! No previous experience required! Be prepared to play in the dirt, do some minor lifting, and have an exciting group bonding experience.

Help with gardening and planting projects around the conference center.

Help with plumbing, carpentry, electrical and painting projects.