Help with special events Help with administrative activities Help with specific programs of interest to to you

Do you have a special talent or business that you would like to donate your time or resources to help promote or advocate for safe, friendly, accessible biking? Examples include, photography, graphic design, printing, and delivering maps.

In an effort to involve all of our interested volunteers and provide opportunity to be a part of our mission we are developing multiple programs where you can help us Clean Up The Lake

This level of volunteering is for an individual who is or will become CIT trained and wants to be a STAR Volunteer at Live Violence Free. This means you are so involved with the H.E.A.R.T. program you may help coordinate and meet with other volunteers. This level is for a volunteer who is volunteering 20+…

Interested in rolling up your sleeves with us? We have six working committees for your consideration: • Cause Committee • Legacy Committee • Finance Committee • Pink Heavenly Committee • Festival & Gala Committee • Golf Committee For more information and committee descriptions, please contact us by email or phone.

We welcome volunteers who are available to support our day to day operations. We will work with you to find the best fit for your skills, from simple tasks like helping us get mailings out to more complex tasks such as finding relevant posts for our social media pages or helping us with graphic design…

Administration, Advisory council, Board of directors, Events, Fund Raising, Grant Writing, Volunteer Coordination, and General Volunteering.

LTWC receives support from local individuals and businesses who help by sharing their skills and services with us. These include legal assistance, building design and construction services, printing, photography and videography, IT support, website design, and other professional services.

Hands-on sewing and repairing of period appropriate costumes, support selection and fitting of volunteer costuming; work alongside costumer onsite and through email.

Supports demonstrations, education and item sales; proof of experience and references required.