Helping Tahoe To Become More Bicycle Friendly.

Strengthen individuals, families, and communities through the education and treatment of substance use disorders.

To enable individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency and economic stability, to develop resilience in both parents and children, and to allow families to become a contributing part of the community.

To provide suicide prevention and awareness through intervention, education and support services for all.

To promote the healthy development of children, families, and individuals through counseling, mentoring, and support programs.

To make a difference through dance outreach

To provide martial arts education to local at-risk and/or low income students who cannot normally afford these activities. Our board is made up of community members who believe in martial arts education and who have had – or currently have – students learning at Escobar Training Grounds.

Inspiring philanthropy for the health of our community.

Barton Health delivers safe, high quality care and engages the community in the improvement of health and wellness.